Birth of Smoking and Other Crimes

Smoking and other Crimes was conceived of on a rainy afternoon in December 2007 in one of those smoky local 18th century bars in the center of Amsterdam. A drunkard’s conversation took place: a regular smoking costumer and the bartender were discussing the prospective “smoking ban”. I tried picturing this traditional bar without the perpetual smoke that seems to have been soaking into the old walls for hundreds of years.  This is when I realized that this day – June 30, 2008 – is about to change the historical landscape. Just like tearing out old wallpaper and painting the walls white, starting fresh by erasing memories.

At the end of March, the writing process came to an end. I’ve written the play under time pressure as it seemed crucial to carry it out on the actual night of the historical transition of civilization as we know it: from a smoking to a non-smoking one. The play is a requiem, if you’d like.

Three months before the smoking ban, all I had was the script and no money. Searching for a theater director, I met Mathieu van den Berk – an actor and director with a great sense for the comic, and Danny Hollander – a professional cinematographer with a high sensitivity for the visual. They envisioned turning the theater-play of Smoking into a film, without making any text adaptations. In the meanwhile, Denis Mujovic, the producer of the whole project, introduced me to Ira Prica, a talented theater maker and a remarkable mime. Ira and I had a few drinks and smoked a few cigarettes. And the rest is history, like the curling smoke.

A film AND a play based on the same script took their first steps, hand in hand. Both made independently and voluntarily by a group of incredible people – actors, sound and lighting technicians, cameramen, stylists and make-up professionals – who create out of pure joy.

No time, no money. Here are the end results of Smoking and Other Crimes.

Maya van den Heuvel

Synopsis: On the last night of legal public smoking, while a dangerous criminal is
walking around free, a hypocrite psycho-therapist and a mysterious woman are
trying to lay their hands on the inheritance of a dying man, as the bartender is
desperately juggling to save the future of her bar.
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A hilarious requiem performed in real time!

23.00h @ De Balie, one hour before the smoking ban came into force!
30 June 2008, Amsterdam

Written by: Maya van den Heuvel
Directed by: Ira Prica, Maya vd Heuvel
Produced by: Denis Mujovic

Cast: Eddie Kagie - Valentina Lacmanovic - Justin Pratt - Jacqueline Korevaar - Jonathan Schuit

Styling: Jung Hwa Smit
Photography: Alejandra Nettel
Graphic Design: Luida Shouriguina
Sound design: Vladimir Rakic
Sound Technician: Sasa Dojcinovic

Live a/v registration of the premiere:
Namik Sehic -




Comic Film Noir

Country: Netherlands, 2008
Format: Colour, HD, 60 min.
Language: English

Scenario: Maya v.d. Heuvel
Director: Mathieu van den Berk
Director of Photography: Danny Hollander
Editing: Danny Hollander
Produced by: Denis Mujovic

Cast: Johan Muller - Justin Pratt - Valentina Lacmanovic - Ira Prica - Rod Ben Zeev

Production leader: Anke Wijnja
Camera #1: Danny Hollander
Camera #2: Jochem Bakker
Casting: Rod Ben Zeev
Production Sound: Carlos Dalla-Fiore, Slobodan Boban Bajic
Light Design: Tim Mintiens
Grip: Sander Coolen, Boris Bezuijen
Music: Patrick Scherpenzeel
Styling: Jung Hwa Smit
Make-up: Casandra Hernandez Velez
Photography: Abderrazak Moufid
Location Manager: Sabine Bezuijen
Continuity: Anke Wijnja
Catering & Props: Denis Mujovic

Bar Visitor #1 Elsa Ribeiro
Bar Visitor #2 Jimmy Roemer
Bar Visitor #3 Abderrazak Moufid

Special Thanks to:
For location Maloe Melo and Jurjen Scherpenzeel
Our gratitude goes to Cavallaro Utrecht, Kasteel Pomodoro, Pearle ism Stylinh Restaurant Luxembourg for non-smoking sign
Holland Equipment for the technical support

NewGround Productions and Dannyjevriend Productions

film poster                  


Screenings 30th June 2008

Premiere @ De Balie, Amsterdam -

Paard van Troje -
Louis Hartlooper Complex -
Filmhuis Cavia -

Kino Milenium, Skopje - Dutch Film Days / 15-12-2008




Denis Mujovic - Producer
New Ground Productions
tel: +31-(0)628577278


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