Entry Form for the film professionals

Entry round for the 1st edition of Eastern Neighbours Film Festival is closed.

Press Release
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The Eastern Neighbous Film Festival can provide accreditation, but please take into account that not
all requests for accreditation can be granted. ENFF can accommodate only a limited number of seats for accreditation guests.

Contact:  Ms. Albana Lici


  • Accredited journalists are asked to report on the festival in their affiliations.
  • The Press Office asks you to send, as soon as possible after publication, printed or audiovisual proof of your festival coverage.
  • ENFF does not provide travel expenses or hotel accommodation.
  • Press accreditation to the ENFF is entirely up to the discretion of the Press Office.
  • Request for press or guest accreditation received after October 3st Nov, 2008 risk not being processed.
  • Your request must consist of a written reason for your visit and a specification of the part of the festival you have an interest in.