08 November 2008 - Kabaalkan LIVE
LHC Cafe


Entry: Free

Folk Rock / Jazz / Experimental - BEST OF THE WORST -Total Balkan crap masters-
Atko, Bata, Bosko, Toni, Miso,special guests MC ClapdaddyJoe, Denis and Idlir Peci.
They never rehearse, Their skills are dubious, They ain't necesarily handsome, but boy
do make a pretty mess. Add a little Best of the Worst to your favourite Balkan Beats
party and watch what happens to all the cute girls. You can get your own Best of the Worst
by simply donating a crate of beer and a bottle of medium quality whiskey.
Yes sir, them come cheap. Your order includes authentic refugees with heartbreaking
facial expressions, as well as genuine sweaty cheeseheads in their typical state of
bewilderment. Can you touch the musicians?
No sir, you cannot. Can you stop the musicians? No sir, you cannot.
Can you in some way direct these musicians?
No, these musicians come without any means of control or direction.
Improbalkanhiphopmadness on the loose, that would sum it up just fine.