Dear Eastern Neighbours visitors

The first editon of Eastern Neighbours film festival 2008 closed their doors at Louis Hartlooper Complex.

The selection of the movies was from Russia to Turkey, From Moldavia to Albania; features, old hit, forbidden film, documentaries and shorts. we went to great extent to provide our audience the best quality films from the region for the first edition, ensured that also in the future we can expect from the directors/producers/distributors great deal of new exciting titles that is showing the region moving forward in social and political way or showing us where still the problems get encountered.

We had chance to meet Ms. Mirjana Karanovic, Lazar Stojanovic, Dalibor Matanic, Aneta Lesnikovska, Vanja Valtrovic, their excellencies, ambassadors of Albania, H.E. Roland Bimo, and Macedonia H.E. Shpresa Yusufi, Mr. Aleksandar Velinovski - Public Room, Jovanka Gorgevska - Miinstry of Culture, Boris Josifovski - Ministry of Culture, Jana Stanisavljeva - Film Fund Macedonia, Ms Albana Shala from Press Now, Idlir Peci teacher at University of Utrecht, our dear friend of the festival Dragan Bakema, in the corridors of LHC, Petar Dundakov, composer of Corridor #8, Milos Stojanovic, the maker of the documentary Shaban, and lots of other distinguished guests. There was music, also suprise act by Das Ajvar Group: Ira, Mirjana and Karlo, Fatima Spar & Freedom Fries, Dj Tommi, DJ Amra, Shedervish, Kako Da Ne, Samir Hodzic and Swing Factor, Kabaalkan.

There is so much to tell about the four days of the festival, we will soon add in Extra's video document of the past 4 days together with the pictures because they say much more than the words. We would like to thank everybody that joined us during the festival and took their time to share the program that we have prepared for the audience. Please do comment on the festival. Write us your thoughts, share your ideas with us and help us making Eastern Neighbours stronger and better!

Eastern Neighbours Film Festival Video Report


Denis Mujovic
Director Eastern Neighbours Film Festival