A short film by Marieta Petchanska


A short film based on idea by Marieta Petchanska.
Synopsis: Kim is a teenage girl who is eager to have fun and experiment in love affairs. In her quest for real love, she finds a door to a different reality. Taglines: What is real? Do you love me in another dimension?

directors statement

Sometimes you want to have it all in life, but you need to make choices. And after that you always wonder, what it would have been if...
But once you learn about the hypothetical possibilities of the existence of a multiverse, those problems have a solution. The theoretical physicist of our time believe that we are living in a multiple universe, which means that copies of our world exist somewhere with slight differences.  Those theories inspired me to write the script. The idea is fresh as the tone of the movie is. The film ambience is night, stars, lights and darkness, all visual references of the space.  There is also some kind of mystery in the film, as there is in the idea it stands for. Our perception of reality is sometimes vague and mystique and sometimes we feel that we are living into parallel universes in our mind.  Those ideas are part of the story and the visual narrative of the film. 

Production Notes

this project is ready for festival rollout
Directed & written by Marieta Petchanska
Principal shoot February 2016, 3 days shoot
Producer Kultura Petchanska, New Ground Productions
Budget 20k euro
Filming Locations Sofia, Bulgaria
Camera ARRI ALEXA, 4K, ProRes444 / 860GB material 



kristina kulish





Portrait Marieta Petchanska

Marieta Petchanska

Marieta Petchanska (imdb) graduated film studies and started her career in Madrid, Spain. She has specialised in music videos, creative video interviews and short documentaries, as well as short fiction movies. Marieta’s experiemtnal visual art has been up on the world wide music scene since the beginning of her career as an audiovisual aritst.  She is also the author and creator of the innovative project “Conscious Cinema” that gained great popularity since its first public showcase in 2013.
Some of her work you can view at:
For information on Conscious Cinema Project, please visit : 

Portrait Maria Rodriguez Garrido


Dimitar Nedelchev (imdb) is among the young and upcoming Bulgarian directors of photography. Graduated cinematography in NATFIZ (Bulgarian National Film Academy).


Ivo Paunov (imdb) Audio and music producer in film, television and games. Composer of band, chamber and orchestral music.
Versatile jazz musician, saxophone and flute player.

music for Three Mothers short film by Rafal Sokolowski


Screenplay Marieta Petchanska
Director Marieta Petchanska
Director of Photography Dimitar Nedelchev
Focus Puller Genadi Ivanov
Assistant camera Vlado Mateev
Downloader Vesela Videlova
Light Dimitar Zvetkov
Grip Dimitar Jeliazkov
Sound Aleksey
Production Galabena Botova
Stylist Stanislava Yanakieva
Make up Zvetanka Hristova
HaiR Elvira Georgieva
Art department Studio Pistolet
Casting and production assistant Yoana Ilieva

PRODUCERS Marieta Petchanska, Denis Mujovic


post production

editing & IMAGE POST PRODUCTIONMarieta Petchanska
Sound Design Ivo Paunov



REFLECTIONS FULL OF LIFE by Marieta Petchanska


Recent work by


PROSHKA / FORGIVE - live action short film, BG/NL, 2015
"Forgive" is a poetic short story of a broken dream. When you cannot change the past - the only remedy is forgiveness. Starring Maria Rodriguez & Veselin Veselinov. Screened at Cannes Short Film Corner, Golden Rose Varna, LETS CEE Film Festival Vienna

This short film was based on the music clip LLuvia by Mala Rodríguez, directed by Marieta Petchanska. The Music clip LLuvia is the Prologue of the short film. And the short film is the explanation of the music video. Both stories are self-sufficient and complementary at the same time. © 2014 Universal Music Spain, S.L.



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